Water Coolers and Water Filters.

We offer Commercial and Residential drinking solutions that PURIFY your water not just filter it. For as little as £2.30 per week you can drink truly Pure Water. Why settle for anything but the best for your colleagues and family. Our products are reliable, look great, we offer no deposit options, and we GUARANTEE the water quality... Read moreRead less

Water Coolers for Business Environments

At Pure Eau we understand the importance of hydration and see water coolers as the best way to provide pure, clean drinking water in business environments. Providing easily accessible, filtered water in the office is an excellent way to prevent the negative effects of dehydration such as headaches, loss of concentration and fatigue whilst promoting positive effects such as enhanced performance and the improved wellbeing of your staff. At Pure Eau we employ a range of filtration and purification technologies in our water coolers to ensure clients are supplied with appropriate and cost effective hydration solutions.

Drinking Water Filters for Your Home

As well as commercial water coolers we also provide drinking water filters in domestic situations. Increasingly, people are looking for ways to filter their tap water and whilst jug filters may be popular, at Pure Eau solutions we are able to provide state of the art water filtration technology that delivers purified drinking water. Water filters today can be built into tap systems, installed into fridges or used as standalone products. At Pure Eau we are committed to finding our clients affordable water filters in their home or office, ensuring clean and healthy hydration.

Reverse Osmosis Technology

Reverse osmosis is just one of the filtration technologies that Pure Eau is able to deploy. The system works through the use of a reverse osmosis membrane combined with carbon and pre sediment filters. This membrane removes heavy metals, chemicals and viruses ensuring that the filtered water is pure, healthy and free from harmful contaminants. Reverse osmosis is at the cutting edge of water filtration technology and in the past was phenomenally expensive; at Pure Eau however, we can offer this technology at an affordable price.

Pure Eau are dedicated to providing exemplary customer care, offering domestic and commercial solutions that are tailor made to our clients? needs.

Illimani Ice Tap

  • Boiled and Chilled Water on Tap
  • High Energy Efficiency
  • Elegant Design
  • Latest Under Counter Technology

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Illimani Ice

Illimani Water Coolers

  • FREE with Service Contract
  • Water, Tea and Coffee tastes great
  • Sleek Design
  • Purer than bottled water
  • Low fixed cost for your buisness

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Illimani Water Coolers

Denali Hydromatic

  • Truly Pure Water
  • Convenient
  • Easy installation
  • Latest green technology

Dr Robert Verkerk (Alliance for Natural Health) Endorses Pure Eau...

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Pure Eau Illimani Water Factory

If you are using 10 tubs of water or more per week, a Water Factory can reduce your costs by 50%. Why bother with all the work of storing, rotating and administering your drinking water supply when your own Water Factory can make healthy purified water to keep your workforce hydrated. Call us for a FREE site visit.

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What is in your Water?

    What's in your water?                  

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So you think it’s safe to drink fluoride?


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