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when you take a Service Contract for one of our plumbed in water coolers which purifies your water through reverse osmosis. If you need bottles, we can guarantee the cheapest purest bottled water in the UK.


Pure Eau guarantee the water quality from our water coolers. Why settle for a filter when you can have purified water - no chlorine, fluoride or heavy metals! Tea and coffee taste so much better.


Many times purer than mineral, bottled or filtered water and no premium on price!
Many prominent companies have fitted our water coolers because they realise the water quality and its benefits for the same price as a filter.


The Pure Eau water cooler is beautifully finished. Our graphite water coolers enhance any office environment and provide healthy hydration to your staff.

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Our range of Illimani "WATER COOLERS", from the Illimani "Counter Top" to the Illimani "VIP",  are tried and tested in the commercial environment and we know the Pure Eau water cooler to be reliable, providing exceptional quality drinking water at a cost effective price.

Our water coolers can be fitted into any office space making the provision of instant, chilled, great tasting purified water a must for all thirsty, hard working staff. If the drink of choice is coffee or tea, the guaranteed water quality from a Pure Eau water cooler enhances the flavour and remains constant for 365 days of the year. Water cooler rental ensures a quality of water not produced by any other water company or office water cooler.

We guarantee our water quality so why settle for filtered water when you can have purified water from a water cooler at the same price or less

If you want the best, then our mains connected water coolers remove 96% of contaminants from tap water providing clean, fresh, healthy drinking water. Ordinary water filters remove only 15% of contaminants found in tap water and the filters and water quality deteriorate quickly. Why settle for anything other than the best water coolers! Purity is guaranteed.

Buying a Pure Eau water cooler purification system guarantees both water purity and customer service. Our water coolers are serviced regularly maintaining the high standard of drinking water our customers expect from Pure Eau and their chosen water cooler.

The Pure Eau bottled Water Factory is the perfect option, whether you need 1 or 50 tubs per week. Included for a small fixed weekly payment is the Water Factory and a water chiller and the cost is similar to a mains water cooler with no limit to the number of tubs of water you can make. The water dispensers can be placed anywhere on the office premises where there is an electric socket. Depending on the amount of water you use, the savings will be dramatic compared to buying a traditional bottled water cooler and buying bottled water at £5.50 + per tub.

Pure Eau’s water coolers represent tremendous value for money along with latest technology and state of the art water cooler design. If it is price that determines your choice or maybe the aesthetics of the water cooler are important to you, Pure Eau’s water coolers with their 4-6 stages of filtration and reverse osmosis purification, pump and high quality build can provide the whole package. Our water coolers represent water purity, high specification and quality at an affordable price. We have a water cooler to suit every need.

For product support, our professional team provides excellent after sales service and support. We pride ourselves on our Customer Service.




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